Mmoexp Elden Ring Runes: Trolls on the Stormgate

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Mmoexp Elden Ring Runes: Trolls on the Stormgate

Em 14 Jun 2024, 23:19

Trolls on the Stormgate

Location: North of Stormgate, on the cliffs.

Method: These slow but powerful trolls drop about 1000 Runes each. They are ideal for early-game farming, provided you can handle their attacks cautiously and one at a time.

War for Castle Redmane

Location: Southern Caelid, near Castle Redmane.

Method: Outside the castle, fire-wielding knights and monstrous dogs engage in combat. You can exploit this by letting them weaken each other and then finishing off survivors for 3000-7000 Runes with minimal effort.

Party Crashing Windmill Village

Location: North coastline of Altus Plateau, Dominula.

Method: In this Midsommar-esque village, locals only attack when approached. Defeat them before facing the boss Godskin Apostle to quickly amass around 7000 Runes in just a few minutes.

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Re: Mmoexp Elden Ring Runes: Trolls on the Stormgate

Em 08 Jul 2024, 01:40

if you hit this guy in the face it crits and staggers him and if you get a few more hits while staggered he falls down allowing you to get many safe hits in.

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