Minecraft 2D game to build an open world

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Minecraft 2D game to build an open world

Em 22 Jun 2023, 03:27

paper minecraft is the 2D version of the legendary Minecraft open world building game. Before starting the game, you can choose many character skins and participate in many different game modes.
2D graphics
2 different skins
Lots of custom maps from other players
Lots of resources and tools
Survival mode requires skill and ingenuity – you must gather resources and food to survive and build a settlement for yourself to live.
Like in most minecraft games you will also encounter different animals and terrains like forest, water, rocks and fields. Mine stone and wood to make tools and use these tools to mine higher grade materials to build buildings.
In addition to survival mode, you can also play creative mode – this game mode allows you to use your imagination to build practically anything you can think of. For example, use a variety of materials to build cities, castles, and entire worlds. If you want, you can also download pre-built maps that other players have created! Enter the 2D world of Minecraft today and start building!

Re: Minecraft 2D game to build an open world

Em 13 Jun 2024, 00:10

good game!

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