Mmoexp POE currency: Atlas Skill Tree Strategy

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Mmoexp POE currency: Atlas Skill Tree Strategy

Em 14 Jun 2024, 23:00

Legion Farming
Atlas Skill Tree Strategy:

Focus on Legion Monolith notable passives for increased chance and number of monoliths.
Invest in notables that boost rewards from Surgebinders and Warhordes.
Take nodes that increase the quantity and quality of rewards from Legion chests.
Avoid unnecessary nodes that slow down clearing, such as those related to other mechanics like Harvest or Essences.

Expedition Farming
Atlas Skill Tree Strategy:

Prioritize nodes that increase the chance to contain Expedition encounters and logbooks.
Take nodes that enhance remnants in your maps for additional modifiers and logbook drops.
Boost "Explosives in your Maps have an increased Rate of Rumination" for more Expedition mobs.
Maximize the Buried Knowledge cluster for increased logbook quantity and frequency.
Consider blocking unwanted mechanics to focus more Atlas passive influence on Expedition.
These strategies all emphasize efficient Atlas Passive Tree setups tailored to each farming method. By optimizing your Atlas for specific content and maximizing your returns through targeted nodes, you can significantly boost your currency farming efficiency in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction league. Adjustments may be needed based on personal playstyle, but these guidelines provide a solid foundation for profitable mapping and farming.

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